Surfing in Asturias


Surfing in Asturias

Our Surf Camps

Our Surf Camps in Gijón are the best option to enjoy a week in Asturias at a reduced price, learn to surf and enjoy the atmosphere of our hostel..

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Where is our SurfCamp?

Our surf camps take place in Gijón during the months of June, July, August and September. During all the weeks.

We offer sales packages that include accommodation + course + equipment necessary for the activity, as well as accident insurance and a photographic report.

Whether you are a newcomer, a beginner or a veteran, come and join us!

What does our Surfcamp offer?

We also have surf lessons for you every week! The surf lessons last 2 and a half hours. They take place in groups of a maximum of 8 people per instructor; this way, we can be with you at all times! The lessons are given by qualified, qualified and experienced surf instructors.

How much does it cost?

We offer different prices, depending on the month of the year you choose. Prices vary depending on the week you choose in September, October, November, and December. Check the availability of our surf camps in Gijon, and book the week that best suits you within our program.

Choose your personalized plan to surf in Gijon, at the best price and during the month of the year you want.

Our Surfcamps include

Daily surf lessons

Instructors accredited by the Surfing Federation of the Principality of Asturias.

Surfing equipment and gear

Self-service continental breakfast

Accommodation for 5 nights (shared room)

Liability and accident insurance

Do you want to book your holiday?

Book the best holidays in Gijón, where you will learn to enjoy the outdoor activities that we offer from Gijón Surf Hostel.


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    These conditions are established only and exclusively during the months of September, October, November and December 2021.

    The plans and clauses offered during this promotion are not valid for the rest of the months where our surf camp is available. For any questions regarding this, you can consult us free of charge by WhatsApp, email, or phone call.

    The prices are established in three plans: (September and October)

    Monday to Friday: 225€.
    Monday to Sunday: 350€.
    Friday to Sunday: 99€.

    Prices are set in three plans: (November and December)

    Monday to Friday: 110€.
    Monday to Sunday: 175€.
    Friday to Sunday: 65€.

    For questions about the maximum number of participants, please contact us using the contact form. In all cases we will personally attend to all requests.


    Are you looking for the best holidays for your children? At Gijón Surf Hostel we offer you the best surf camps for kids in Asturias. Book your week!

    Surf lessons for children

    We organise surf lessons for all levels and all year round. All you have to do is choose your dates and timetable, we will lend you all the necessary equipment!


    We are the first surf hostel in Gijón designed for lovers of the sea and lounge adventure. We have spacious shared and/or private rooms to enjoy your stay, come and visit our Surf House!
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