Asturias is considered by some magazines such as National Geographic as “the best-hidden secret in Spain” and registered as one of the 25 best destinations to travel in this 2020. In this place, we have the opportunity to stay in Gijón Surf Hostel, one of the closest places to the beach (2 minutes approximately) and in one of the most fashionable cities of the region, Gijón. It is established a place where the surf and the good atmosphere do not stop to complement each other. This hostel is among the ten best accommodations in the world for backpackers according to the hostelword.

Asturias, apart from having the most important city, Gijón, it has a lot of treasures, which you could say that they are hidden but you must visit them to find out how beautiful they are.

Gijón Surf Hostel due to its location it allows us to easily visit them without stopping the activities it offers.

Some of these treasures to be discovered are:


CANDÁS (a 24 min from the hostel, 22,4 Km)

Candás is a beautiful fishing village located on the Asturian coast. The Town Hall of Carreño, the church of San Félix, the port… make this small village a charming place.

Its promenade will allow us to go from the beach of Candás to the beach of Perlora, where we will be able to observe beautiful bays of crystalline water.


VILLAVICIOSA (a 24 min from the hostel, 27,2 Km)

Villaviciosa is a town with a statelier style due to its palaces, its cobbled streets, its sculptures, the church, the Riera theatre…, there are many attractions offered by this town of more than 14,000 residents. It is worth mentioning the Villaviciosa Town Hall for its architectural style and the gardens it has around it. In the “Ría of Villaviciosa” you can practice fishing and enjoy the surroundings.

At lunchtime it is recommended to go to Mery’s house (although calling in advance) where the menus of the day or the cachopos (typical asturian food) do not leave anyone indifferent.

Around Villaviciosa we have to visit El Gaitero factory (where they make champagne cider), the Valdedios monastery, and the Rodiles beach.


LUANCO (a 25 min from the hostel, 25,7 km)

Luanco is an astonishing village, starting with the famous Luanco beach and ending with a visit to the Asturias Maritime Museum.

This fishing village will make you lose yourself in its streets making you fall in love with it. It is worth mentioning the Santa María church where “El Cristo del Socorro” is located.


TAZONES (a 34 min from the hostel, 28,5 km)

Tazones can be the place that can be most assimilated to a traditional Asturian village characterized by its historic center with its “hórreos” (traditional Asturian rural building), its cobbled streets, as well as its low houses. A village in which it is difficult to avoid the smell of seafood, cider, and fish that invite us to enjoy the gastronomic offer. When it comes to eating seafood, it is always recommendable to go to the restaurant “la Tortuga”.

The most beautiful places are the lighthouse of Tazones, “Los yacimientos icnitas” (footprints and remains that belongs to the Jurassic), and the beach of Tazones. In short, a special place and the best when it comes to finding presents through its souvenir shops.


LASTRES (a 36 min from the hostel, 42,7 km)

Lastres is an iconic village very similar to Cudillero and very popularly known thanks to the Spanish television series “El doctor Mateo”. In 2010 the Princess of Asturias Foundation awarded the village with the title Pueblo Ejemplar de Asturias (Exemplary Village of Asturias).

Its port and the old town make this village unique. The Clock Tower or the “whalers” quarter and of course its rich gastronomy at reasonable prices are many of the attractions that this village offers.

Near Lastres you will find “el MUJA” (Asturias Jurassic Museum) and La Griega beach, both of which are highly recommended to visit, especially if you are going with children.


CUDILLERO (a 41 min from the hostel, 56,1 km)

A lovely small town characterized by colorful houses at different heights. These houses are set on a cliff and it has the shape of an amphitheater.

Getting lost in its narrow and complex streets, the lighthouse or the port is just amazing. The place to contemplate the best views of the town is the viewpoint called La Garita.


CANGAS DE ONÍS (1 hour and 6 min from the Hostel, 83,4 Km)

This village is the farthest away from the hostel but it helps us to understand the essence of Asturias. It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Asturias. Its outstanding Roman bridge separates Cangas de Onís from Parres. This bridge has a reproduction of the Victoria Cross whose initials at both ends of the cross, alpha and omega (beginning and ending), represent the main symbol of Asturias.

The church, Casa Dago, and the market square are places to visit once you are here.

When visiting this town it is highly recommended that you also visit the sanctuary of Covadonga, which is located a few meters from this town and where the famous battle of Covadonga took place, which marked the beginning of what is known as the “Reconquest” (in 722 AD) in which the Christians defeated the Moors in the Iberian Peninsula.

In addition to the above, Asturias has a spectacular orography with its mountains and valleys.
There are spectacular viewpoints that offer impressive views, including the Mirador del Fito located in the Sierra del Sueve, 48 minutes from the hostel, and from where you can see the contrast between mountains and beaches, basic elements that represent the Asturian landscape; when the sky is clear you can see “the Picos de Europa” (mountain range located in the central part of the Cantabrian mountain). Another viewpoint, not less important, is the one in Gijón, in La Providencia, to which you can go from the hostel either by car (about six minutes) or on foot (about an hour and a half). On sunny days this path is very beautiful as it runs along the entire coast, running along beaches such as El Rinconín or Peñarrubia. In La Providencia we will enjoy a beautiful view of Gijón to the west and the Asturian coast to the east.