When we think about Asturias, we think of parties, good food and a lot of “sidra”(it is a type of cider but with a taste quite different), we think of the great contrast between the great mountains and the immense sea, we think in the little rivers but with huge abundant creating a landscape with astonish sights, we are really talking about a Natural Paradise worthy of being explored by the most adventurous.


It is not for less, when we are talking about Asturias, to feel emotions, all the people, who already know it, understand that it is a destination that leaves no one indifferent, from the east to the west the nature has left behind places that seem to have been created for the practice of sports, which is why Asturias is a community that focuses on adventure sports, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoning, diving, surfing, canoeing… These are a small example of the whole range of opportunities you can find on this land.


With an excellent climate without great variations throughout the year, Asturias is a destiny for the most adventurous, for those people who want to go beyond, it is not the same to say that you know the river Sella than to say that you have descended it, we cannot talk about the Sueve if we have not really observed the views from the viewpoint called “mirador del fitu”. Can we then say that we know San Lorenzo if we have not surfed its waves?


San Lorenzo, probably one of the best-known beaches in Asturias is the bay of Gijón, giving adventure to a city that does not rest, that has movement during the day as at night that tastes like saltpetre, walk along “el muro” where there is a place for a roller blade, runner or cyclist, it is in this city that according to hostelworld you can find one of the 20 best accommodations in the world for backpackers, to live the spirit of a city not only covered by the sea but by green corners that are worth discovering, with numerous paths that end up in rural areas making you enjoy and connect with nature.


That is the reason why the adventurers come with the desire to get into the sea, to prove the experience of a wave, to feel the sand between your toes, to breath nature and feel it in every beat,  to find those hidden corners from the eyes of tourists, they come with the desire to enjoy knowing and feeling the paradise from within.


And you, do you wanna feel the paradise?         



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