Asturias is a unique place where the contrast between the sea and mountains is very frequent, something that tourists are not used to seeing. This is the reason why this paradise is so special.

Asturias has many qualities, including its gastronomy, culture, places that people have never perceived, a not very high standard of living that almost anyone could afford…

Regarding the stay, one of the most visited cities, is Gijón, a seafaring town, where the atmosphere and good customs are never missing. One could even say that it is a city with a soul, as reflected by Víctor Manuel in one of his popular songs, in which the nights are transformed into days. A city in which Gijón Surf Hostel appears as an essential accommodation, positioned by Hostelworld, one of the most influential pages in the world of backpacking, among the 10 best accommodations in the world.

This hostel is located just 2 minutes from “El Rinconín” a beach which is located next to a large free parking and in one of the most fun areas that this city offers, where the cocktails and food merge taking you to another place.

In this establishment you will be able to do a multitude of activities, including water activities in which the Surf Federation of the Principality of Asturias has had the honor of giving them official recognition concerning their great work in 2019.

Last but not least, the location is perfect because when night falls you can listen to the breaking waves, something that will certainly help you sleep and is even relaxing.

Among the places to visit in Asturias the beaches are always the best option, which are very beautiful, in this article we will talk about the beaches that you must visit when you travel to Asturias and what is even better is that you do not have to travel many miles from the hostel to find them.


CUEVAS DEL MAR BEACH (52 minutes from the hostel, 73,5 km)

It is located at the mouth of the Nueva River, is environmentally protected and that is why it is part of the Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast of Asturias. Despite the fact that it is the farthest away from the Hostel, the duration of the trip is worth it.

This beach is characterized by its karstic landscape becoming a unique place (rock formations produced by the sea) as you can see in its caves and tunnels and its waves which tend to be quite calm. It has easy access and parking.

ARENAL DE MORIS BEACH (43 minutes from the hostel,53,3km)

This beach, located in the “Concejo” of Caravia, is characterized by the fact that the Camino de Santiago del Norte, also known as the “Camino Primitivo”, passes through this place and nowadays, it has become a reference point among pilgrims.

The Arenal de Morís has a shell shape and the sand is fine-grained and toasted. To access, there is a large parking lot that usually you have to pay in summer but this does not tend to be very expensive so it is worth going.


LOS CRISTALES´S BEACH (27 minutes from the hostel, 23,9 km) 

This beach, is in the “Concejo” of Gozon and is called the beach of crystals because it was formerly used as a dumping ground for glass, after the changes of waves and the action of the sea these fragments of glass came to be polished and now that they returned to the beach when the weather is good, the beach release green and brown reflections.

This beach is also called El Bigaral because in the rocks besides being able to find rock crabs, “llamparas” … the most abundant is to find bigaros (winkles).


 LA ÑORA´S BEACH (18 minutes from the hostel, 9,9 Km)

La Ñora is located in the “Concejo” of Villaviciosa, despite the fact that its waves tend to be quite strong, is one of the most beautiful beaches that offers Asturias.

Its main attraction (apart from the beach itself) is the viewpoint located on a cliff where you can appreciate the contrast between the sea and the mountains.

This beach has easy access and several large parking lots.


ESTAÑO´S BEACH (8 minutes from the hostel, a 4,1Km)

The beach of Estaño is located in the “Concejo” of Gijón, it is a semi-urban beach just 4.1 km from the hostel.

This beach is very rocky, so it is perfect for snorkeling and what attracts most attention is the huge rock in the middle of the beach, dividing it into two parts.

It is important to mention the ” well of the priest “, a natural swimming pool carved in the rock.

When you visit this beach, you must make a stop at its “chiringuito” (typical Spanish bar located on or near the beach) called “el Indio”, where the food and customer service is exceptional, with breathtaking views.

SAN LORENZO´S BEACH (8 minutes from the Hostel walking)

The beach of San Lorenzo, is located in Gijón, of all those mentioned above this beach maybe is the most crowded. It is characterized by its variable swell and that is why water sports predominate, with surfing and paddle surfing standing out among others.

One of the biggest icons of these beaches is the bathing huts that are installed in the sand where for a small fee you can use them to change your clothes. It is also highly recommended to see the sunset in this area.

In general, these beaches have picnic areas, lifeguards… A curious thing is that the beach bars will always be outside the beach, never inside, but very close to it, so when it comes the hour of eating or drinking, this does not tend to be a problem. Regarding to dangerous sharks, Asturias is fortunate because there has never been any attack of this kind while doing water sports and they usually do not present a danger.

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